Forever and Ever 一生一世 follows their modern lifetime, and stars Bai Lu as Shi Yi, a talented voice actor who still retains memories of her past life. Ren Jialun plays Shi Yi’s future husband Zhou Shengchen, a chemistry professor who is forced to take over a family business unrelated to his career.

In the past lifetime, Shi Yi is a noble lady and crown princess-to-be who is sent to the Zhou manor at a young age to learn the arts. She falls in love with the loyal and warm-hearted Zhou Shengchen, and becomes an important source of support for the young general. They develop affections for each other, yet never end up confessing.

The actors will probably begin filming the ancient lifetime right after this one wraps up, and the two lifetimes will air as separate dramas. Directed by Shen Yang (Love Advanced Customization) and written by original author Mobao Feibao (Go Go Squid!), the 30 + 24 episode drama began filming today.

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