Cpop live-stages round-up

Meng Jia and Wang Feifei reunite for a melody of Miss A favorites as well as their own solo songs on Sisters Who Make Waves. If they couldn’t re-debut together, at least they have this stage for fans.

GAI X Liu Yu –A Laughter in the Sea
 This rap X kunqu collab wins the award for the best stage set. What a cool place to record.   Actual stage  stage begins at 6:36.   

Yu Zhen – She and she and she
Yu Zhen is the perfect mix of playful and inspirational on the stage of Rap for Youth as she tells the story of three professional women in difficult situations.

Sundae 圣代 – Horror on a Rainy Night
Sundae’s horror rap performance feels like a full-out MV on stage. The acting is top-tier as he plays both the bully and the victim on Rap for Youth.

We Are Young covers Jackson Wang’s 100 Ways. How does it compare to the original?

Wang Yuan covers Wanli at TF Boys’ Seventh Anniversary Concert.

Aduo, Jin Chen, and Wang Likun’s drum show on Sisters Who Makes Waves has the best stage effects:

Finally, a compilation of THE9’s Sphinx performances showing why they’re the best dance group in China right now. I read somewhere they change formation 34 times for the song. The choreo is really perfect for them since it showcases each person while still looking in-sync. Lu Keran, come back!!!!

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