Stills for the main cast of My Best Friend’s Story

Liu Shishi as Jiang Nansun

Starring Liu Shishi and Ni Ni as best friends who help each other through thick and thin, the recently wrapped drama will probably air sometime next year. [Extended Synopsis]

Ni Ni as Zhu Suosuo
Chen Daoming as Ye Jinyan, Zhu Suosuo’s sugar daddy (?)
Dong Zijian as Xie Hongzu, Zhu Suosuo’s true love
Tian Yu as Fan Jingang
Yuan Quan as Xia Qian
Tony Yang as Wang Yongzheng, Jiang Nansun’s boyfriend
Yang Le as Zhang Anren, Jiang Nansun’s ex
Wang Xiao as Yang Ke
Zhang Chenguang as Jiang Nansun’s father
Yu Xiaowei as Li Yipeng
Wu Yue as Qi Xin
He Hongshan as Yuan Yuan

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  1. I remember seeing a post with pic of liu shi shi and nini together at an event. Don’t remember which one. I think idarklight mentioned how it’d be nice to see them together in a drama and look! Here it is! I miss seeing liu shi shi in costume dramas tho! Still looking forward to seeing one soon!

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