THE9 releases first group MV, SphinX

Youth With You 2 group THE9 released their first MV and I have so many thoughts. First up: props to iQiyi for following up (ish) with their international fans for actually getting a YouTubbe channel. Downvotes for blocking external sites for playing it, though.

I really like this weird space conquest X ancient Greek/Egyptian concept of the style, and the costumes and sets are solid if sparse. The girls imo has the best stage presence overall out of all the produce series groups, and so it’s no surprise that they’re all great at capturing the camera and your eyes through it.

However, you can tell they filmed this in one day. There’s no interactions between the members, and the dance parts were so sloppily done that I can’t even tell if they have a full choreography for this yet. Given that this is a dance-heavy group, it’s really disappointing to see them not in synch for the dance parts. I know they filmed this in the middle of their busiest two weeks (they had like 2 hours of sleep within 44 hours), but I really wish they had done more to prepare for this.

The song has grown on me, though (still like Not Me better), and everyone looks great. Hopefully, they’ll be able to play their upcoming stage (fingers crossed) to their advantage and show a better dance version of the song.

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