26th Magnolia Awards

Congratulations to Tao Hong for winning Best Supporting Actress! I absolutely loved her in A Little Reunion.

Like all awards, the Magnolia Awards have their own favourites, yet it is the awards show I enjoy watching most because the winners are usually worthy recipients. By all accounts, The Thunder winning Best Drama and Best Screenwriter was probably the biggest surprise of the night. A Little Reunion, Joy of Life and The Longest Day in Chang’an also took home two awards each.

Best Television Drama:

  • The Thunder 破并行动
  • I Will Find You A Better Home 安家
  • Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红
  • The Longest Day in Chang’an 长安十二时辰
  • The Legendary Tavern 老酒馆
  • Joy of Life 庆余年
  • Amnesty 1959 特赦1959
  • Diplomatic Situation 外交风云
  • A Little Reunion 小欢喜
  • On the Road 在远方

Best Director:

  • Wang Jun, A Little Reunion
  • Cao Dun, The Longest Day in Chang’an
  • Fu Dongguan, Liu Zhangmu & Li Jinrui, The Thunder
  • Liu Jiang, The Legendary Tavern
  • Sun Hao, Joy of Life

Best Original Screenplay:

  • Chen Yuxin, Li Li & Qin Yue, The Thunder
  • Gao Mantang & Li Zhou, The Legendary Tavern
  • Ma Jihong, Diplomatic Situation
  • Shen Jie, On the Road
  • Zhao Qi, Amnesty 1959

Best Adapted Screenplay:

  • Wang Juan, Joy of Life
  • Liu Liu, I Will Find You A Better Home
  • Huang Lei, A Little Reunion
  • Yuzhou, Shuirutianer, Jiuren, Winter Begonia
  • Zhuazi Studio, The Longest Day in Chang’an

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

  • Chen Baoguo, The Legendary Tavern
  • Huang Lei, A Little Reunion
  • Lei Jiayin, The Longest Day in Chang’an
  • Sun Honglei, The New World 新世界
  • Zhang Ruoyun, Joy of Life

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

  • Yan Ni, Growing Pains 少年派
  • Ma Yili, On the Road
  • Qin Hailu, The Legendary Tavern
  • Sun Li, I Will Find You A Better Home
  • Hai Qing, A Little Reunion

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

  • Tian Yu, Joy of Life (as Wang Qinian)
  • Sha Yi, A Little Reunion
  • Chen Daoming, Joy of Life
  • Wang Jinsong, The Thunder
  • Zhang Luyi, The New World

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

  • Tao Hong, A Little Reunion
  • Deng Jiajia, Ming Dynasty 大明风华
  • Li Chun, The New World
  • Mei Ting, On the Road
  • Yong Mei, A Little Reunion

Best Cinematography:

  • Jing Chong, The Longest Day in Chang’an
  • Gan Yunquan, Royal Nirvana
  • Li Peng, Novoland: Eagle Flag
  • Wang Chengxin, Winter Begonia
  • Wang Zi & Cao Yanliang, The New World

Best Art Direction:

  • Yang Zhijia & Jin Yang, The Longest Day in Chang’an
  • Luan Hexin, Winter Begonia
  • Sun Li, Novoland: Eagle Flag
  • Chen Haozhong, Royal Nirvana
  • Yang Haoyu, The New World

Best Variety Program: Dance Smash, China in the Story 故事里的中国

2 thoughts on “26th Magnolia Awards

  1. I was wondering why The Thunder was never mentioned on these drama news sites and yet it has won Best Drama. It must be good, if it is overall best (there will always be some weak points). Have to go search for it & check it out. This drama is not listed on this site.

  2. Their choice for best drama can be weird sometimes. Remember when Legend of Miyue won? I haven’t watched The Thunder but I noticed the second half got criticized left and right.

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