Liu Mintao, Wenqi play mother and daughter in My Treasure

My Treasure 生活家 stars Liu Mintao and Wenqi as a mother-daughter pair who dream of getting super-rich super fast, and eventually reconcile themselves to the fact that there’s more to life than money.

Unemployed after falling victim to office politics, Qiu Dongna reluctantly joins an accounting firm owned by acquaintance Gu Fei (Roy Chiu) and her first love’s step-mother (Annie Liu). Despite the awkwardness, Qiu Dongna works hard to demonstrate her value, and wins the respect of everyone around her. Liu Yijun (The Kidnapping Game), who finally gets to play a good guy, guest stars.

The 36 episode web drama is directed by Liu Haibo (The Rise of Phoenixes) and written by Zhang Wei (A Little Reunion, The Imperial Doctress) and Teng Yang.

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