Xu Kai is Yang Mi’s perfect husband in upcoming rom-com

She & Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 stars Yang Mi as a career-oriented lawyer and Xu Kai as the younger future love interest who is desperate to escape the various blind date set up by his mother.

A top tier law firm begins recruiting family lawyers, and one of the requirements is that all the new hires must be married. Qin Shi’s (Yang Mi) headhunter brother secretly changes his sister’s marital status, and Qin Shi is sucessfully hired. Qin Shi finds out about it at a networking event with clients, and just as she decides to tell her boss the truth, her ‘husband’ Yanghua (Xu Kai) appears in her life.

As all contract marriage rom-coms go, our OTP get married, bicker and eventually fall in love. Directed by Lin Yan (Hello Joann), the drama will probably begin filming after Novoland: Pearl Eclipse and Ancient Love Poetry wrap up.

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