Zhang Tian’ai in Sword Snow Stride

Sword Snow Stride – Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, Li Gengxi, Zhang Tian’ai

My #1 drama to-watch in 2021 just based on the trailer alone.

The Golden Hairpin – Yang Zi, Kris Wu

I last saw Kris Wu in Never Gone, and I do think (and hope) he’s improved since then.

The Long Ballad Dilraba, Wu Lei, Liu Yuning, Zhao Lusi

The Legend of Fei – Zhao Liying, Wang Yibo

A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower – Guo Tao, Yang Zishan, Angelababy

Mirror: Twin Cities – Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi

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4 thoughts on “Drama promos: Sword Snow Stride, Legend of Fei, The Golden Hairpin, The Long Ballad and more”

  1. That gif alone without seeing the trailer already convinced me I needed to watch snow sword stride. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. Sword Snow Stride definitely had the best trailer that surprised me with how pretty it was even when going in thinking it would.
    The one that disappointed the most is The Golden Hairpin. The costume and hair and makeup are so weird for both two leads. They were so normal and pretty in that set of stills of the supporting leads.

    The other ones were more or less what I had expected, with everyone looking great.

    1. Kris Wu’s costumes in Golden Hairpin are way too Heian Japan. Not that there are no similar style in China (the hats can be plausibly claimed as being inspired by hats during Northern and Southern Dynasties), but a lot of details are very Japanese. Similar things can be said of the Rise of Phoenixes. It’s just sad how so many cdrama costumes designers have so little respect for their country’s culture and so little appreciation of IMO the more sophisticated aesthetics of Chinese tailoring.

      1. To begin with, wasn’t Heian Japan very China-inspired? C-drama designers are just borrowing back what was originally borrowed

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