Dylan Wang as Yuchi Longyan

Starring Dylan Wang Hedi and Zhu Xudan, Miss the Dragon tells of a romance between the dragon king and a kind-hearted maiden that transcends three lifetimes. [Extended Synopsis]

Zhu Xudan as Liuying
Deng Wei as Xue Qianxun – probably the third leg of the love triangle?
Pan Meiye as Qingqing
Zhu Zanjin as the God of Fate
Dai Wenwen as Xiaolv
Zhan Yu as Xu Zhiyuan, Liuying’s husband in the first life time
Yang Zhiying as Xiahou Xue, Liuying’s mistress and later the Dragon King’s wife (first life time).

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4 thoughts on “Dylan Wang, Zhu Xudan’s Miss the Dragon releases stills”

  1. Minus the poster that looks like it could’ve been a cover for the game, the stills and costumes look cute! Dylan Wang pulls off that white hair and shining gold armor pretty well.

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