First look at Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi’s ancient fantasy series Mirror: Twin Cities

Mirror: Twin Cities 镜: 双城 is a very loose adaption of Cang Yue’s novel of the same name, and has released stills of the cast led by Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi.

Li Yifeng plays Su Mo, a royal descendant of the Kingdom of the Seas who is determined to release his people from slavery and lead them back to their homeland.

Chen Yuqi plays Bai Ying, crown princess of Kongsang and Su Mo’s love interest.

Zheng Yecheng as Zhenlan, the crown prince of Kongsang.

Yang Zhiwen plays Nasheng, a young Miao maiden who yearns to journey to Yunhuang, a mysterious land described by many as a utopia. However, as she journeys further, she discovers the land’s turbulent history and the lingering hostility between the ancient kingdoms of the Seas, Cangliu and Kongsang.

Directed by You Dazhi (Secret of the Three Kingdoms) and written by Chu Zheng (My Robot Boyfriend) and Jiang Guangyu (I Know Your Secrets), the 50 episode drama began filming in May.

2 thoughts on “First look at Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi’s ancient fantasy series Mirror: Twin Cities

  1. Li Yifeng’s costume in this drama really reminds me of his costume and looks in his drama Swords of Legends. It’s been 6 years, and he doesn’t look as if he’s aged lol

  2. Props to the casting director! Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, and Zheng Yecheng aren’t like the epitome of acting but they’re all good-looking and have pulled off most of their roles. I don’t know some of the supporting actors, but they all look attractive. Ye Shengjia reminds me a bit of Xu Kai in The Legends

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