Live Stages Round-Up

Bai Bing, Ning Jing, Wang Likun, Yu Kewei and Wang Feifei are definitely making waves in this zhongguofeng-styled banger.

R1SE in a rendition of Roles have no big or small 角儿无大小. This is really their best style – mostly rap + some opera. Yan Xujia and He Luoluo are missing for college examinations. Yan Xujia got into Beijing Film Academy, not sure about He Luoluo. Congrats to Yan Xujia for being the final member of X-Fire to get accepted into college!

Bai Bing is the surprise MVP of this Chinese-styled banger from Sisters Who Make Waves. Her sensual voice is the perfect vehicle for her lines.

The most pop artists of the show – Meng Jia, Wang Feifei, Zhang Hanyun, and Li Sidanni – rock the theme song of Sisters Who Make Waves.

Pharaoh and  MC Guanguang sings this environmentalism song for Listen Up.

Li Yuchun is always a treat to listen to. Here’s her at Bilibili’s beach graduation concert singing several of her greatest hits.

G.E.M., Zhou Zhennan, and Lang Lang collab for Superband.

Nineone is the first member of Youth With You to have their own concert, and its really quite well-produced. She said this song, But U, was inspired by the relationships and friendships she saw in Youth With You, and I not-so-secretly think it’s about her roommates Lu Keran and Lin Fan.

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