This would be such a good look for Esther Yu. It’s girl crush enough for her to fit in with the rest of THE9 but still cute.

Fan Bingbing dons seven masks to form a girlgroup of her own called FANAᖷ in this photoshoot. I kind of love it. Some girl group should really get this team to do their next album.

Which member is your bias?
I like how this year went from a debate of whether an androgynous girl can be in a girlgroup to deciding every girlgroup needs at least one androgynous girl.

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One thought on “The seven masks of Fan Bingbing for a girlgroup of one”

  1. Chinese government banned “Live” streaming channel. She has a very popular channel that earns lots of money per min. Without that income, she have to come out to work ….

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