The Golden Hairpin releases first stills

Kris Wu as Li Shubai

Kris Wu and Yang Zi’s mystery-thriller The Golden Hairpin, which has been caught in more controversy than maybe the leads in the novel, has finally finished filming after half a year.

The stills are picturesque and kind of have an old painting feel to them, although I read the drama is suppose to be a comedy. (Behind the scenes)

Yang Zi as Huang Zixia
Liu Yihang as Zhou Ziqin, the cutest character in the novel and a loyal fanboy of the female lead.
Ding Xiaoying as Wang Ruo and Sui Junbo as her sister the Empress Wang.
Xuan Yan as Wang Yun, who was betrothed to the female lead
Chen Zheyuan as Yu Xuan, the female lead’s childhood friend.
Li Yinan and Zhao Yingbo as the Ninth and Eighth Princes.

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