Lu Han, Wu Lei’s CrossFire releases trailer

I feel like Lu Han’s character would probably lose just because of the internet and computer speed difference over a decade.

Lu Han and Wu Lei play a pair of gamers separated by a decade who end up meeting each other in a video game.

I’m super impressed by Lu Han’s acting in this trailer. His acting is so natural in every scene. He’s shown he can act previously in movies, but hasn’t really brought that to dramas (expected since dramas tend to have less directing and time to perfect every scene). The trailer and premise both look great and I hope it’s good. The drama co-stars Wu Lei, Dai Luwa, and Cecilia Boey and is airing on July 20th.

4 thoughts on “Lu Han, Wu Lei’s CrossFire releases trailer

  1. The 2008 storyline is absolutely hilarious, and Lu Han is surprisingly natural. IMO, his best two attempts at acting are this and The Witness.

    • That was a really bad movie overall, though. Many film actors are able to pull off solid acting given the right directing and plenty of retakes, but aren’t able to replicate the same level of performance in dramas. (ex. Zhou Dongyu, who can be amazing in films but have so far been mediocre in most dramas she’s been in). Lu Han’s shown he’s able to pull off solid acting (ex. 20 Once Again, The Witness) given the right directing. This seems like a step forward for him if the acting exhibited in the trailer is representative of his acting in the overall drama.

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