My Bargain Queen 我的砍价女王 stars Wu Jinyan as Xia Qian, a professional bargainer, while Lin Gengxin plays Sheng Zhening, the CEO of a hotel.

Initially planning to hold her reception at Sheng Zhening’s hotel, Xia Qian’s fiancé runs away just before their wedding day, and she successfully brokers a new deal over cancellation fees.

Xia Qian discovers a new talent for bargaining, and opens a firm dedicated to the service. Like all rom-coms, the pair begin as rivals before coming to admire each other, and finally fall in love.

Aside from the plot, the team behind this project doesn’t give me any confidence either – director Zhang Silin worked on My True Friend, while screenwriter Yu Xiaoqian’s most notable work is As Flowers Fade And Fly Across The Sky.

To make things even more complicated, Xia Qian’s ex-fiancé’s new love is Sheng Zhening’s sister.
Wang Herun
Ma Sichao

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