Dilraba, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi in character for The Long Ballad

The Long Ballad follows the perilous journey of Tang dynasty princess Li Changge (Dilraba) after her father is assassinated in the Xuanwu Gate Incident. Wu Lei costars as an enemy general and her love interest. [Extended Synopsis]

Wu Lei as Ashina Sun
Liu Yuning as Haodu
Zhao Lusi as Li Leyan
Fang Yilun as Wei Shuyu

2 thoughts on “Dilraba, Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi in character for The Long Ballad

  1. I still feel like Wu Lei is still a miscast for Ashina Sun. He doesn’t give off the same vibe as Ashina from the manhua. Reba is an ok caste for the main female lead. Also, I don’t like the characters that Reba has played so far (the flame’s daughter, Feng Jiu from the Pillow Book, etc.) and I hope the director doesn’t turn Changge into this kind of character cause she ain’t one. I’ll stick around to see how the drama will turn out, but otherwise prolly not gonna be on my watchlist.

  2. I love this <3
    These character posters are my favorites for an ancient drama in a long time. They're pretty but look high-quality, and makes everyone look perfectly cast. I had my doubts about a couple of the cast members, but they all look like they fit the characters here.

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