Live Stages Round-up: Chuang 2020, We Are Blazing, I’m CZR

Whoever designed Miss Freak should work on the next Tim Burton set.

A round-up of a couple of my favorite stages since the last post. If you missed it, XDramaX also did a Sisters Who Make Waves round-up.

A Tim Burton film turned into a stage, Miss Freak is easily my favorite since River. The make-up and costumes, the stage, and the choreography are all perfectly on theme, as is the performance.

Rocket Girls put out the best performance of their two-year career on the eve of their disbandment with this Ugly Beauty 怪美的 for We Are Blazing.

R1SE finally has a best stage of the night that I can stand behind! The Chongqing rap in the middle is their best rap yet and the nunchaku is so synchronized. Not sure how I feel about the dragon dance, though.

Rocket Girls other stage isn’t as perfect and has a random unnecessary rollerblading part, but it’s still fun and well-put-together.

Curly Gao and co. owns the stage with this Ice Queen performance from Chuang 2020. Zhang Yunlong looks hot, too.

Zhang Yuqi goes back to China for summer break (she’s currently studying at Berkelee in Boston) with her first stage of the year:

Finally, back to videos iQiyi won’t allow to be embedded, GAI’s War Horse Ablaze on I’m CZR2 is yet another of his unique zhongguofeng style rap masterpieces.

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