Zhang Yuxi, Xuan Lu star in Tang Dynasty version of Handsome Siblings

All I can say is that the execs at H&R Century definitely have a thing for the Tang Dynasty. Just look at the dramas they’ve produced over the years: Glory, Peace, Promise and now Dream.

Dream of Chang’an 梦醒长安 doesn’t actually have anything to do with Handsome Siblings, but the character setup of sisters being raised by opposing sides and meeting again as enemies definitely sounds similar. Zhang Yuxi plays younger sister Cheng Ruoyu, while Xuan Lu plays older sister Qiu Yanzhi.

During the late Tang dynasty, the emperor, chancellor Wang Ya and associates were involved in a major power struggle with eunuch Qiu Shiliang (Mickey He). Wang Ya’s entire family is executed after the eunuchs gain the upper hand, though his two granddaughters escape slaughter.

The younger one loses her memory and is taken in by a loyalist secret organisation, while the older one decides to avenge her family’s death, and becomes Qiu Shiliang’s goddaughter. Cheng Yi plays the emperor Li Yan, while Han Dong plays his uncle and successor to the throne.

The 60 episode drama is directed by Liu Guonan and written by novelist Shisi Que.

Xi Xue as Cheng Xi, Cheng Ruoyu’s adopted mother
He Zhonghua as Li Yan’s chancellor Li Deyu

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