Zhang Ruoyun is reuniting with Joy of Life screenwriter Wang Juan in upcoming wuxia drama Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行, an adaption of Fenghuo Xizhuhou’s novel of the same name.

He’ll be playing Xu Fengnian, a young nobleman turned swashbuckling martial arts hero who later becomes a loyal general of his kingdom. Li Gengxi costars as Jiang Ni, the princess of a fallen kingdom who ends up as the hero’s slave.

Child actors Rong Zishan (The Bad Kids) and Han Haolin (child Fan Xian in Joy of Life) will guest star. Notable supporting actors include Liu Duanduan, Yu Xiaowei, Xuan Yan, Zhang Tianyang, Zhang Tian’ai, Li Chun, Wang Xiaochen, Meng Ziyi and Zhang Yishang.

Season 1 will be directed by Song Xiaofei (he was the cinematographer for The Grandmaster), and will begin filming soon.

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One thought on “Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, Li Gengxi cast in wuxia drama Sword Snow Stride”

  1. I see several JoL cast on the list. Excited for this but not a fan of multi seasons format with no guarantee that the full story will be completely adapted. I know the novel is probably super long, still.

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