Promo Round-up: The Song of Glory

I’m so excited to see Li Qin playing a kick-ass martial artist / female general in The Song of Glory. Qin Hao plays Liu Yikang (yes, they changed the storyline during filming), the emperor’s brother who later becomes prime minister.

The 53 episode drama releases 2 eps every Wed-Fri on Tencent (subs on Viki).

Qin Hao as Liu Yikang
Gu Jiacheng as Liu Yixuan, Prince of Nan
Qi Ji as Lu Yuan
Guan Xueying as Shen Leqing, Shen Lige’s jealous sister
Long Zhengxuan as Wang Zijin
Du Yuchen as a princess consort
Li He as Shen Zhi, Shen Lige’s brother
Ren Yunjie as Shen Feng

4 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: The Song of Glory

  1. Glory is the second period drama this year that I’ve watched more than 12 episodes of, and this is only happening thanks to Li Qin’s character (she’s impulsive, but I don’t find her frustrating. Yet.)

  2. Tried watching a couple of episodes and it was a bit disappointing. None of the characters has much personality so far and the schemes seemed to dumb everyone down.

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