Ju JIngyi in In a Class of Her Own

Ju Jingyi is cuter than ever in the trailer for her latest drama, In a Class of Her Own 漂亮书生 with Song Weilong. I feel like this might be the drama with her that has the best (aka least) filters? [Extended Synopsis]

Ju Jingyi might have two dramas streaming at the same time with both this and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion releasing promo materials recently.

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One thought on “Ju Jingyi, Song Weilong’s cross-dressing romance releases first teaser”

  1. Ju Jingyi in her male persona looks like a fair, effeminate scholar 😊 I’m having a soft heart for Wang Ruichang’s rebellious Lei Zexin.
    I really like the casting of the remake because not only do the actors fit their roles but I think they have their own charms which set them apart from their Korean counterparts. Looking forward to their portrayals!

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