We Are All Alone pokes fun at the Chinese entertainment industry

Qin Lan as agent Mo Xiangwan and Guo Xiaoting as Lin Xiang, a popular actress with non-existent acting skills and the temperament of a spoilt brat.

We Are All Alone has just the right amount of humour and honesty without getting too serious, and it’s hilarious how some of the following is obviously throwing shade at the occurrences that are pretty commonplace in showbiz:

(We Are All Alone opening: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”)

  • Switching out the screenwriter for a drama because the main actor’s agent isn’t happy with the direction of the story.
  • Pressuring/reaching an agreement with awards shows to honour certain artists in return for favours.
  • Crisis management and influencing netizens’ opinions so it reaches a favourable outcome for the artist in question.
  • Giving popular actors desirable leading roles when don’t actually have the acting chops required to play the character.
  • Getting a stand-in to film the majority of scenes, and then photoshopping themselves into the drama.
  • Finding out the script is completely different to the summary received after signing the contract.
  • If a star leaves their agency on bad terms, the company may harbour ill will and spread half-truths or lies that will hurt the actor’s reputation.
  • Fans getting too involved in actors’ project choices, and criticising their bias’ agent when it may well be their own idol who made the decisions.
  • Criticising supporting actors for taking up too much screen time/getting a better backstory, even though it’s more likely due to:
    a. An increase in episode count and thus content because the production company needs to recoup its investment (actors’ salaries, CGI, marketing etc.), and/or
    b. The main lead only signed up to work for a certain amount of days/took too many days off to perform other engagements.

Qin Lan is undoubtedly the star of the show, and is doing a great job as Mo Xiangwan, the ruthless agent of a top production company. Everyone, including Mo Xiangwan herself, thinks she’s an invincible superwoman, so when her superior, subordinate and actors start encountering problems, it was natural she would be chosen as the sacrificial lamb. Apparently the heroine will be starting her own company in the second half of the drama, so I’m pretty excited to see how she’ll claw her way back to the top.

The series is English-subbed on the iQiyi app.

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  1. This drama is an eye-opener into a “behind the glam” cut-throat industry. It really gives a glimpse into almost all aspects. This drama is interesting for this part.

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