Crime thriller The Bad Kids releases Wong Kar-wai-style stills

The drama was filmed in the seaside city of Zhanjiang.

It’s not even halfway through 2020 but I’m 95% certain I’ve already found my favourite drama of the year. The Bad Kids is directed by Xin Shuang, and revolves around three kids who blackmail a murderer (Qin Hao).

Qin Hao as Zhang Dongsheng. If you want to see more of Qin Hao, I would highly recommend watching Burning Ice 无证之罪, which was created by the same crew (minus the director).
L-R: Amazing child actors Shi Pengyuan as Yan Liang, Rong Zishan as Zhu Chaoyang and Wang Shengdi as Pupu
Zhang Songwen as Zhu Yongping, a failed father who tries his best to make up for his mistakes. See more of the actor in variety show Real Actor.
Liu Lin as Zhou Chunhong, Zhu Chaoyang’s controlling mother
Li Meng as Wang Yao, Zhu Yongping’s second wife. The actress delivered a brilliant performance in Episode 5: ‘Mother’.

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  1. I find the details and the storyline & plots too illogical. Some parts are downright silly. But some really good acting chops there (not from the kids, nothing extraordinary here).

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