First look at Wallace Chung, Tan Songyun in Story of An Illegitimate Daughter

Story of An Illegitimate Daughter / Jinxin Siyu 锦心似玉 is adapted from Zhizhi’s popular web novel 庶女攻略 and stars Wallace Chung and Tan Songyun as the leads.

The intelligent and savvy Shiyiniang (literally eleventh daughter) is the illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. Her marriage to Xu Lingyi, the powerful Duke of Yongping (Wallace Chung) was a last ditch attempt by her family to save their wealth, and she must learn to navigate the murky waters of both the inner courtyard and the political arena.

The drama is directed by Mao Kunning (Tomb of the Sea) and written by Cheng Tingyu (Princess Silver).

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