First look at Shawn Dou, Chen Duling in Love in Flames of War

Republican-era romance drama Love in Flames of War 良辰好景知几何 is based on the novel of the same name by Lingxi and stars Shawn Dou and Chen Duling in the leading roles.

Lin Hangjing (Chen Duling) seeks refuge with her father’s good friend General Xiao after the former is framed and sent to prison. The family’s overbearing third son Xiao Beichen (Shawn Dou) is attracted to the talented young maiden, though is soon sent away to a military academy.

Five years later, Xiao Beichen returns an iron-fisted commander after surviving multiple battles. He discovers Lin Hangjing had fallen in love with the forward-thinking intellectual Mu Zizheng (Yuan Hao). The heroine agrees to marry Xiao Beichen on the condition that he save her father, and a torturous romance begins.

The 40 episode drama is directed by Zhong Shujia (Fighter of Destiny, Ten Years Late), and recently wrapped up filming.

Hu Jun
Wang Jinsong
Yuan Hao
Zhao Yingzi
Lai Yi
Dong Xuan

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