Stages round-up: 618 and We Are Blazing

The 9’s Hunt by 白夜森林·陆柯燃

A round-up of eye-catching stage performances, mostly from stage competition We Are Blazing (it’s like mixed-gender Queendom) and 618 galas.

Sing girlgroup in maybe their best live performance yet, a tanbur cover of Despacito. The opening with the gold dust is so beautiful and left me in wow the same way their fans first did on Produce 101.

The 9‘s Hunt gets next if only for the fact they’re the only group here singing live. The costumes and cinematography aren’t as nice as the ones for their final, but they did a solid job for their first performance as a group.

First up if BlackAce‘s We’re here to beat you up. The mix of hip-hop and Peking Opera and the kungfu battles blends flawlessly, and everyone’s attitude is on point.

Next, Zhou Shen and Gong Linna in a whimsical comedic show that’ll make you go hahahahhahahaha.

Tong Liya in the most beautiful stage of her career yet, a cover of a popular Tang Dynasty inpsired dance set to Grain in Ear.

After working Ding Yuxi, Zhang Yuxi turns to Zhang Xinyu:

A feast both for the eyes and the ears in this trio of Ayanga, Ren JIalun and Zhang Jike. This might be my favorite pop performance by Ayanga yet. He’s so relaxed here.

Rocket Girls has improved so much over the past two years and they definitely had the best all-around performance of all the groups.
GEM and Tang Guoqiang gives a show worthy of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms in this mash-up performance of Cao Cao vs. Zhuge Liang.
The kids dancing are so cute! Li Yuchun is flawless as usual.

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