1 thought on “First look at Guan Xiaotong, Hou Minghao in upcoming period rom-com

  1. Guan Xiaotong looks ah-mazing! 🔥🔥 Already from the poster, she looks like the heroine who in the novel is depicted to be a rather wise noble lady who has duped people into thinking that she is all brawn and no brain. I really hope the screenwriter keeps her book personality to the core.

    Hmm I wonder if they’re adapting “I Am That Kind of Woman” first because Yue Xia Die Ying’s other popular period novels feature transmigrating heroines (but they’re the type who assimilate to the historical era without imparting their knowledge of the modern world).

    There is something about the “heroine, a scorned woman, who knows in advance the bad events that will happen to her and falls in love with black-bellied guy underneath the mask of a gentleman who is the source of her forthcoming misfortune” that I find endearing 😁 (*cough* “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”)

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