Friday Photos

Ding Yuxi

Photoshoots, stills, and posters that caught our eyes this week. What caught yours?

Yi Yangqianxi by Mei Yuangui
The Nine’s Yu Yan cr: DeadlyPoppy·喻言
Wang Kai by Zack Zhang
Li Yuchun vs herself
Lay Zhang Yixing

1 thought on “Friday Photos

  1. In the photo, Ding Yuxi reminds me of the cat-turned-human character Hong-jo from the Korean drama “Welcome”. It’s such a coincidence that he is holding a cup because I remember Hong-jo decided to drink coffee as it prevents him from falling asleep, the latter of which causes him to return to his cat form. Anyone on board for a possible Chinese remake of “Welcome” starring Ding Yuxi? 😂

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