30 actresses and singers join girl group reality show

Ning Jing

Now this is my type of show! Woman Like Me / Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 (lit. translation) is aimed at forming a mature-age girl group, and I am loving all the contestants (full list below) and producer Huang Xiaoming after watching the first episode.

The variety show airs every Friday at 12pm on Mango TV, and will be up on YouTube shortly thereafter.

“Any change in Xiaoming’s well-being will be reported promptly through this show.”

5 thoughts on “30 actresses and singers join girl group reality show

  1. So Huang Xiao Ming is not only the host but also the producer! Wah~

    At first I thought this show is for artists aged 40 and above but they also have artist as young as 29yrs (going to 30yrs this Sept)! Those still below 40 years are in their prime, why would they be in the show? The show concept is confusing for me. I thought they wanted the 40 yrs and above artists to show that they can still fight with the younger generation? No? I’m surprised to see Adia Chan is participating too. Will watch it for her! Btw, I cant’t believe Annie Yi is the oldest of all! She looks so young!

  2. Anyone angry that they cut out della ding’s performance? Her vocal is a plus off the wall strong. I am trying to find her performance cause I need to see it. And the first question was why hiding you dance?! Really. So angry!

    • I love Ding Dang and this isn’t shading her, but if you want to see her sing that song, you can probably find like 20 other times of her singing that song on various different shows (and probably with better sound editing than this version).

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