Guo Qilin is Song Yi’s heroic husband in upcoming period drama

Guo Qilin and Song Yi will be playing a couple in upcoming period comedy My Heroic Husband 赘婿 (Season 1) after playing siblings in last year’s hit drama Joy of Life.

Su Tan’er is the only daughter of a rich merchant, and takes Ning Yi in as her husband. After marriage, the two work together to build up a business empire, and also get involved in politics, rebellions and warfare along the way.

In Angry Banana’s original novel, the male lead was a calculating executive in the finance industry who time travels to the Wu Dynasty. There’s no news as to whether screenwriter Qin Wen (First Half of My Life) will be keeping the character’s modern characteristics like in Joy of Life, or remove the time travel element altogether.

Jiang Yiyi (Love of Thousand Years) costars as Liu Xigua, one of the hero’s love interests and a princess of a neighbouring kingdom. Zhang Ruoyun and Tian Yu will guest star.

The 32 episode drama is directed by Deng Ke (My Girlfriend is an Alien) and will begin filming shortly.

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