Yang Mi, William Chan in character for Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

Yang Mi as Fang Haishi / Ye Haishi

Also known as the drama where all the main characters go by at least two names, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse has release first stills of its main cast led by Yang Mi, William Chan and Xu Kaicheng. [Extended Synopsis]

William Chan as Fang Zhu / Fang Jianming
Xu Kaicheng as Dixu / Chu Zhongxu
Chen Xiaoyun as Tilan / Zizan
Wang Sen as Fang Zhuoying / Duohan / Duoluo
Yuan Yuxuan as Zheliu

2 thoughts on “Yang Mi, William Chan in character for Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

  1. I hope they hire an experienced scriptwriter for this project. The previous two Novoland dramas have great production values – gorgeous actors, exquisite costumes and props, eye-catching scenery, etc.. But the story is hard to follow. A bit too much stuff going on. If they improve the script, it can do wonders for the entire Novoland series brand.

    I’m a big fan of Novoland drama series, just hope they can do this right.

  2. So I like the costumes and styling a lot, and everyone looks great, but I hope the rest of the costumes are more distinguishable from that of Fuyao.

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