Promo Round-up: Love In Between

Love In Between 少年游之一寸相思 stars Zhang Yao (The Best of You in My Mind) and Zhang Yaqin (King of Land Battle) as the leads, and the teaser looks like it’ll have a good mix of romance, political intrigue and wulin conspiracy. [Extended Synopsis]

The 43 episode drama releases 2 episodes every Mon-Wed on Youku beginning tomorrow night.

Opening MV by Wang Xi and Xianzi, Ending MV by Huo Zun, Romance Teaser

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  1. I’m loving this drama, although struggling to understand the episodes past the ones that have been subbed in my native language. It is unfortunately not available on WeTV in my region, cries. Visually pleasing, more than decent acting, good pacing, and engaging plot. Also, the best crossdressing female in a Cdramas in recent years.

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