Luo Yunxi in white

Photoshoots and posters that caught our eyes this week. What caught yours?

Jing Tian X Peking Opera
Poster for the Gossip Girl remake starring Li Yitong and Jin Chen
Zheng Yunlong
Zheng Shuang in an anti-HIV discrimination campaign
Ma Sichun and aunt Jiang Wenli
Yang Zishan enjoying laundry day
Huang Xuan
Huang Xuan
Amber Kuo in a creepy dream
Wang Kai the Weizard
Wang Kai X Cat
Ma Sichun and aunt Jiang Wenl
Li Xian
Luo Yunxi
Liang Jingkang, Zhou Yiran,Zhang Jingyi, and Zhou You for upcoming drama 风犬少年的天空

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