Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan cast in new drama from director of All Is Well

Yuan Quan as Ning You

Challenges at Midlife 落花时节 stars Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan as a pair of sweethearts whose budding romance is nipped in the bud due to a family grudge, only to reunite in their 40s.

The 49 episode is written by Ah-nai, the author of Like A Flowing River and Ode to Joy and directed by Jian Chuanhe (Ode to Joy 2, All Is Well). The synopsis is laden with spoilers, so I’ve opted to add some character descriptions instead:

Lei Jiayin as Jian Hongcheng, the son of a factory owner
Zhang Yixing as Ning Shu, Ning You’s meddling younger brother
Jia Nailiang as Tian Jingye, Ning You’s ex-husband
Luo Haiqiong as Jian Minmin, Jian Hongcheng’s younger sister. She is forced to marry her father’s student in a bid to keep the factory in the family.
Liang Guanhua as Zhang Lixin, Jian Minmin’s husband. After the Jian patriarch’s death, he forces Jian Hongcheng out of the township.
Lian Lian as Chen Xin’er
Li Naiwen as Hao Qinglin
Sun Ning as Jian Hongtu

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