iQiyi prepares to cool the summer with a slew of new mystery thrillers

Poster for Kidnapping Game

iQiyi has lined up an impressive list of 12 episode miniseries that will air over the next three months – which ones are you looking forward to most?

On a related note, Ive given up on compiling a list of air dates for upcoming dramas because there is always so much uncertainty surrounding drama premieres.

Instead, feel free to bookmark our Watch Dramas Online page, which is constantly updated with premiere details for all the latest Chinese dramas (even the ones we don’t post about).

The Long Night 沉默的真相 (prev. 长夜难明) – Liao Fan, Bai Yu

The Hidden Corner / Cat’s Cradle 隐秘的角落 – Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun

Crimson River 非常目击 – Song Yang, Yuan Wenkang
A police officer returns to his hometown to solve a cold case in which he was a witness.

Sisyphus 在劫难逃 – Wang Qianyuan, Lu Han

Wisher 致命愿望 (prev. 喂食者协会) – Feng Shaofeng, Wen Qi
David vs. Goliath sci-fi mystery

Kidnapping Game 十日游戏 – Zhu Yawen, Jin Chen
A fake kidnapping results in the death of the hostage. Based on the novel by Keigo Higashino.

Poster for Cat’s Cradle

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  1. Yes to more mystery miniseries! Burning Ice was a masterpiece imo, and I think the format really helped the story; glad that there’s more in that lieu coming out. They all seem so interesting and I hope they get English subs.

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