Zhu Yilong as Lin Nansheng

The Rebel stars Zhu Yilong as a former Kuomintang agent who defects to the Communist side with the help of Tong Yao. [Extended Synopsis]

Tong Yao as Zhu Yizhen
Wang Zhiwen as Gu Shenyan, Lin Nansheng’s mentor. He’s a Communist turned Kuomintang in the novel, though I’m not sure what changes the drama will make.
Wang Yang as Chen Moqun, Lin Nansheng’s superior in the Kuomintang
Zhu Zhu as Lan Xinjie, Lin Nansheng’s first love / crush

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3 thoughts on “First stills for Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao’s Republican drama”

  1. What’s with so many republican period dramas this year ? Haha. I think I’ll put this on my list to check since it features serious actors. Hope the storyline is good, complex and thought provoking, tho’ the synopsis looks the typical plot.

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