A six-step guide to falling in love with Babymonster An Qi

I have a lot of biases in Youth With You 2, but Babymonster An Qi is the one I need to become a star the most. Every moment she’s on the stage is her screaming to the world they’re missing out by not looking at her.

A five-step-guide to falling in love with An Qi, although I think I did it in at most two. First, just watch how smooth both her movements and expressions are while dancing:

Then look at how she commands the stage among such a talented group of dancers in her first open performance on Youth With You 2:

Once you’re convinced of her dancing and stage presence, she shows that she can also hit the high notes for added punch:

And just when you think she’s already a superstar, you learn that her singing isn’t just adequate, it’s nuanced, controlled, and beautiful:

It turns out she can rock melodies, too, as shown in this MV for her group Hickey:

Now that you’re convinced that she’s perfect, you should know that she’s extremely dedicated and hardworking. As a youth, she would live with her coaches or principal for dancing because she lived too far. To compensate for her height in group formations, she would wear stilettos for extremely difficult dances. Look at how high her heels are in this video where’s she’s dancing on water! I would’ve slipped without any heels.

Did I mention her whole group, Hickey, is awesome? Especially her bff, Shangguan Xi’ai.

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