Chen Xiao, Wang Yibo cast in action crime drama Being A Hero

Being a Hero 冰雨火 is an upcoming crime drama starring Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo as former police officers who infiltrate an organised crime triad.

Star student Wu Zhenfeng (Chen Xiao) is expelled from the police academy after his father gets involved in drugs and decides to start a new life in one of China’s border towns. Unsuccessful at persuading him to stay, best friend Chen Yu (Wang Yibo) joins him on the bus ride there. The two are attacked by gangsters on the way there, and Wu Zhenfeng is kidnapped by a local drug ring while trying to save Chen Yu.

Five years later, Wu Zhenfeng is a drug dealer and murder suspect while Chen Yu is a successful narcotics officer. Chen Yu does his best to try and prove his friend’s innocence, though finds out there’s more to Wu Zhenfeng’s return than meets the eye.

Directed by Fu Dongyu (The Thunder) and featuring an original script by director Mailiyasi (Evil Nights), the drama began filming today.

Wang Jinsong as Lin Dezan
Liu Yijun as Yang Xingquan, who I’m guessing is the main antagonist.
Guo Xiaoting as Yang Ling, who I’m guessing is the crime boss’ daughter who develops a crush on one of the leads.

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