Character posters for Pride and Price

Song Jia as assistant editor Chen Kaiyi

Pride and Price 盛装 is a glimpse into the lives of the people responsible for a top fashion magazine as they navigate the challenges that come with the digital age. Song Jia and Anita Yuen play editors who hold opposing views regarding the magazine’s future direction.

Directed by Wu Bai (Mystery of Antiques) and written by Lei Zhilong (A Cool Fish), the 36 episode drama is still in the midst of filming.

Anita Yuen as Xiao Hongxue, the new editor-in-chief who wants to jump on the digital magazine and social media bandwagon.
Chen He as advertising executive Lu Binbin, who welcomes digital journalism with open arms
Wang Yaoqing as Ding Tingfeng
Song Zu’er as rookie new editor Li Na
Lin Yongjian
Wang Longzheng
Wang Zixuan as Liu Ziqi

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