Love is Sweet – Bai Lu X Luo Yunxi

Today is yet another day of celebrating romance in China, so here’s a round-up all the posters of cute people staring cutely at each other.

Also, another MV for Love and Redemption, which still has no release date despite having several MV’s already.

Love is Sweet – Xiao Yan X Wang Yilun
Court Lady – Li Yitong X Xu Kai
The Way of Favours – Ju Jingyi X Zhang Zhehan
To Love / Love and Lost – Lin Gengxin X Gai Yuexi
You are My Destiny – Xing Zhaolin X Liang Jie
I Remember – Angelababy, Li Hongqi
Twisted Fate of Love – Jin Han X Sun Yi
My Dear Lady – Jiang Mengjie X Li Te
Intense Love – Ding Yuxi X Zhang Yuxi
We are All Alone – Godfrey Gao X Qin Lan
Simmer Down – Chen Xiao X Wang Xiaochen
Sweet First Love – Ren Shihao X Xu Yating
My Love, Enlighten Me – LIang Jingkang X Eleanor Lee
Love Advanced Customization – Dilraba X Huang Jingyu

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