Zhou Dongyu, Xu Kai confirmed for Ancient Love Poetry

Xianxia romance drama Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 stars Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai as two deities who take turns remembering and forgetting each other over three lifetimes.

Before the world of deities, demons and mortals, there existed another celestial world known only as Shanggu. Zhou Dongyu plays Shanggu (known as Houchi in the post-Shanggu period), divine leader of the four true gods who enters a coma after stopping the heavenly tribulation.

Xu Kai plays Bai Jue (Boxuan and Qingmu post-Shanggu), a powerful god who is willing to do anything to keep Shanggu safe from harm. In the original, he was in love with Shanggu for 200,000 years – it’s as if the more years you add on the more memorable your romance becomes.

Based on the novel Shanggu by Xingling, the drama is co-directed by Yin Tao (Under the Power, Glory of the Tang Dynasty) and Li Cai (Legend of Fuyao) and written by Rao Jun (Sword Dynasty, The King of Blaze) and Li Zhenru (Let’s Shake It! 2).

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