Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei begin filming office politics drama

Dream of a Salesman 输赢 stars Chen Kun as Zhou Rui, a successful sales director who is transferred to his company’s headquarters in Beijing. Unfortunately, he is bullied by his new superior, forced to give up control of his own team and assigned KPIs that are impossible to reach.

Zhou Rui must win a major banking contract to keep his role, yet comes up against formidable competitor Huikang, whose sales team is led by his first love Luo Jia. Zhang Youhao (Run for Young) costars as his former subordinate Fang Wei.

The 32 episode drama is directed by acclaimed historical drama director Zhang Li (Martial Universe, The Young Marshal) and written by the source novel’s author Fu Yao. He also wrote the source novel for the horrible Entrepreneurial Age, so I’m not sure how I feel about him being the screenwriter for this show. The series began filming yesterday.

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