Song Qian, Ou Hao reunite in upcoming mystery romance drama

Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 stars Song Qian as a violinist who loses her memory after surviving an avalanche. The heroine is told that she is the fiance of a successful entrepreneur (Ou Hao), yet the actions of her emotionally distant husband-to-be makes her question her identity.

Directed by Huang Tianren (Here to Heart, Someday or One Day), the 40 episode drama is the leads’ second collaboration after Love Under the Moon, and began filming today.

2 thoughts on “Song Qian, Ou Hao reunite in upcoming mystery romance drama

  1. Victoria is getting better at acting and picking her projects. Thi should be a new challenge to her for playing 2 roles.
    I’m looking forward to it.

  2. If you told me a few years ago Victoria would be one of the actresses with the most consistently good projects or that Ou Hao of all the people would succeed in acting out of his group of Super Boys, I wouldn’t have believed you, but props to them for making it true.

    The project sounds like it could be really cool and another step forward for Victoria.

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