Li Xian, Chun Xia cast in period drama A Love Never Lost

A Love Never Lost 人生若如初见 is set against the backdrop of The Boxer Rebellion and stars Li Xian as Liang Xiang, an ambitious and educated noble recently returned from Japan. Chun Xia plays Qiu Hong, a forward-thinking noble lady who is travelling to Shanghai to escape an arranged marriage.

They’re joined by Wei Daxun as revolutionary Yang Kaizhi and Zhou You as Beiyang army officer Li Renjun. Like many young graduates during the day, the pair end up joining the revolution after becoming disillusioned with the ruling class and nobility. Notable supporting actors include Zhu Yawen, Wu Yue, Bai Ke, Shi Shi, Qiao Zhenyu and Liu Mintao.

Acclaimed writer Jiang Qitao is known for writing more serious historicals such as The Emperor in Han Dynasty 汉武大帝, Unsheath the Sword 亮剑, The Righteous Path 人间正道是沧桑 and The Young Marshal 少帅, so we’re definitely in good hands with regards to the script. The drama is directed by Day & Night director Wang Wei, and will begin filming shortly.

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