First look at Yang Mi, William Chan’s Novoland drama

Yang Mi looking amazing as Ye Haishi

The costumes look gorgeous for Yang Mi and William Chan’s first foray into Novoland in Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人. Joining the cast is Xu Kaicheng, Chen Xiaoyun, Wang Sen, and Yuan Yuxuan. I swear at some point everyone is going to be in a Novoland drama.

William Chan as a man with a secret relationship (not that type) with the emperor
Xu Kaicheng with that emperor swag
I love this outfit! Reminds me of a peacock princess.

1 thought on “First look at Yang Mi, William Chan’s Novoland drama

  1. IMO the most important thing is the story. If the producers can get it right, they would be able to bring back the Novoland series brand. The previous dramas have great production values – beautiful actors, gorgeous costumes/props, nice scenery, etc.- but the plot was either confusing or disjointed in some way which dragged down the whole drama as a result. Hopefully this one turns out well..

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