Yang Mi, William Chan begin filming Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

Yang Mi has been attached to fantasy romance drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人 since 2018, and will now be joined by William Chan, Xu Kaicheng and Chen Xiaoyun.

Young maiden Ye Haishi’s (Yang Mi) seaside village is massacred in an attempt to collect the precious pearls that are only formed from the tears of merfolk. She is taken in by Fang Zhu (William Chan), a powerful official of the Zheng Dynasty, trained in martial arts and disguised as his male disciple.

After returning to the capital, Haishi is ordered to protect Dixu / Zhu Zhongxu (Xu Kaicheng), the emperor of the Zheng Dynasty. He appears to have given up on being a good ruler after witnessing the internal and external troubles plaguing his country, and watches on coldly as Fang Zhu attempts to prop up the crumbling dynasty.

Dixu develops romantic affections for Haishi after discovering her true identity, yet Haishi is unwilling to let go of Fang Zhu, despite the fact that their relationship would be shunned by society.

The 55 episode drama is directed by Jin Sha (The Great Craftsman) and written by Zhang Linnan (Princess of Lanling King).

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