Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao’s gaming drama finishes filming, releases stills

At this point, will there be any top young actor who hasn’t played a gamer?

Cheng Xiao joins Xu Kai, Yao Chi, R1SE Zhai Xiaowen, Merxat, and Lingchao in yet another rom-com featuring competitive gamers, but this one with both leads as gamers. Falling into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 is produced by New Wave NewStyle Media (The Untamed) and finished up filming this week.

Cheng Xiao plays a rare female lead who is also a competitive gamer in a rom-com
Gao Han
Yao Chi
R1SE’s Zhai Xiaowen
Zhou Yiran
Ling Chao
Wang Ruoshan
Qi Yandi
Cui Shaoyang

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