Promo Round-up: Intense Love

Zhang Yuxi chases after Ding Yuxi in a romance of two Yuxi’s.

Intense Love stars Zhang Yuxi as Su Jinbei, a brazen actress who falls in love with Zhou Shiyun (Ding Yuxi), a genius doctor who is so engrossed in his career he doesn’t (want to) think any further about the heroine’s light-hearted flirtation.

The Mango TV web drama begins streaming tonight here on Youtube.

Intense Love – Zhang Yuxi, Ding Yuxi

2 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Intense Love

  1. I watched the first two episodes and it’s classic Zhang Yuxi cuteness. Not as cute or creative as My Little Princess but so far cuter than I Cannot Hug You. Now I wish that she was cast in 我就是这般女子 instead of Guan Xiaotong. She would’ve been perfect for this type of kind-at-heart spoiled princess role.

    The male lead reminds me of Ma Xueyang.

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