Like A Flowing River 2 wraps up filming

Like A Flowing River 2 has recently finished filming, and released stills of the cast led by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian. Yang Caiyu, Li Guangjie, and Sun Yizhou join season 2. Director Li Xue (The Disguiser) replaces Kong Sheng (All Quiet in Peking) as the co-director to Huang Wei. The 50 episode drama is scheduled to air on Dragon TV / Beijing TV at the end of the year.

Zhou Fang is so tragically beautiful in this scene

1 thought on “Like A Flowing River 2 wraps up filming

  1. I love Wang Kai and Yang Caiyu seems like a good fit for the role (she definitely has the best English out of all the rumored casting choices), but I don’t know how they’re going to make me ship them over Wang Kai and Zhou Fang. I was already biased towards them in the book, and the TV version they’re 10x cuter than in the book.

    Also Li Xue! Li Xue and Huang Wei are imo Daylight’s best directors right now, and I’m excited to see them working together.

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