Ni Ni, Liu Shishi play best friends in drama adaption of Last Romance

I bet the producers cast them based on the above picture.

Based on the novel by Yi Shu, My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 stars Ni Ni and Liu Shishi as best friends who support each other through thick and thin.

Shanghai, 1990s. Zhu Suosuo (Ni Ni) and Jiang Nansun (Liu Shishi) become fast friends after Nansun lends Suosuo’s struggling family a helping hand. In the present day, Zhu Suosuo uses her beauty and charm to become a successful career woman and mother, while Jiang Nansun continues to study and date.

Nansun’s carefree lifestyle ends when the influential Jiang family land themselves in hot water, yet is able to find a stable job and a place to live with the help of Suosuo. With her hard work and intelligence, Nansun becomes a successful white collar. When Suosuo’s marriage begins to break down, Nansun returns the favor by taking care of the Suosuo’s child and life, and giving Suosuo the courage to come out of her quagmire.

Tony Yang, who plays the male lead in every New Classics Media drama ever, will have a love line with Liu Shishi, while Dong Zijian will play Ni Ni’s romantic partner. Costars include Yang Le, Tian Yu and Chen Daoming.

The 45 episode drama comes from Shen Yan and Qin Wen, the director-writer duo behind The First Half of My Life.

2 thoughts on “Ni Ni, Liu Shishi play best friends in drama adaption of Last Romance

  1. AHHHHHHHHH! I’ve been waiting for this to be confirmed forever! It’s so exciting to see a womance drama finally, especially one featuring two top-tiered actresses.
    Not a huge fan of any of the male love interests, but it’s not about them anyways.

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